Medical Response in Major Incidents

Training the entire chain of response in a major incident

The MRMI Concept

The Medical Response to Major Incidents course allows the participants to adopt to the true meaning of "Fight as you train, train as you fight".

The Course and its backbone the Macsim System has been developed to maximise the benefit and reduce the cost and trouble associated witht full scale scenario training.


Based on the treatment principles firmly adapted in the individual trauma protocols such as PHTLS, ATLS and DSTC, the participants will be tought how to triage and commence treatment of severily injured patients, whilst maintaining a sufficient flow towards definitive treatment.

What happens on the course?

Each participant will train the position, that they would actually have during an incident

The Pre-Hospital staff on scene in the turmoil

Doctors and nurses of the ER will be performing triage and managing trauma team.

The hospital Staff will be in the Incident room, handling press, politician and a surge of patients and relatives.

Police and rescue services will be setting up an incident command and handling their roles just as in a real incident


Using real patient from major incidents througout the world, complete with x-rays and clinical photos, the realism of the course is unprecedented

To contact MRMI Denmark please send a mail to mm@mrmi.dk